Play Ideas to Engage Kids While You Work from Home

Each parent desires to indulge their kid in activities that make them smarter. Kids often get bored when they are cooped with the same toys for months. Being a work-from-home parent, you need to have your own distraction-free space, but with kids around, that can seem tricky. For that reason, it is essential to engage your kids in activities that create a state of flow and feed their curiosity. For example, you can enroll them in music classes or in crafty, sensory, and imaginary or pretend play ideas. 

Getting Your Kids Into State of Flow

According to recent research, when kids are in a state of flow, they build skills like impulse control, creative thinking, and resilience. As a parent, all you need to do is understand your kid’s interests and find the right environment for them to grow. 

We have curated several super-fun ideas to ensure your kid stays engrossed. What’s more? You can always pick a new idea and let your kid explore fresh space. 

Crafty Play Ideas

Kids love art and craft. Show them some tutorials, and let them create their very own masterpiece. Ask them to build cute animals with cardboard and egg cartons. Let them draw a face and paint it their favorite color. 

Another fun idea is to create texture paintings.  Let them use items like comb, sponges, marbles, fingers, or even LEGO Bricks. They can use anything but a paintbrush!

Sensory Play Ideas

Make them a sensory bin. Assemble a few items like beans, small toys, and other tiny items around the house. Put them in a shallow container for a tactile experience. Finally, ask them to scoop it with cups or funnels. Ask them to identify each item without looking at it.

Imaginary and Pretend Play Ideas

Ask your kids to create make-believe scenarios in their heads and let them pretend to be a part of it. Some ideal scenarios are a favorite movie scene, space trip, a doctor in a hospital or clinic, restaurant chef, teacher, general store supplier, camper, or an airport. 

Let their imagination run wild.

Enroll in Music Classes

Enrolling your kid in music classes is a great way to engage them. Being part of music classes can be beneficial in multiple ways:

  • Enhances brain development
  • Teaches them how to achieve their goals
  • Inculcates a sense of dedication and self-discipline
  • It helps them be more independent
  • Promotes creativity and sense of expression

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