Make it Fun for a Type 1

So what the heck is a type one and why do I want to know at all, and how will it help me raise my children better? Well, hang on to your hats. I’m about to tell you a brief description of a type one energy type.

Are you a type one energy type? Is your child a type one energy type? Figure it out right here on raising musicians.

Welcome to another episode of raising musicians, the blog for parents that helps us understand how to empower our children to enjoy a lifetime love of music.

Hey, welcome to raising musicians. I’m James Mays. Today I want to talk about type one energy type. Okay, this is different from a personality type. It’s not a personality evaluation. It’s a way that someone communicates energy in the world. As artists and musicians, we move energy. That’s what we do. So something to keep track of when I’m parenting is my son’s type one energy type.

Type one is typically like the archetype of Jim Carrey before his spiritual awakening. So Jim Carrey, silly, goofy, funny. Type ones like to pay attention to a lot of different things at one time. So they are falsely diagnosed with ADHD, often not all the time. I’m not a medical professional, so don’t take my word for it in terms of the professional evaluations, but in terms of a creative child as a type one energy type.

There’s a lot of times where it looks like a type one is not paying attention. So, for example, they might pay attention to the piano for just a few minutes and then move on to playing some other game. Then move on to talking about some conversation or something that happened today or Spiderman. I use examples like that a lot because I’ve had kids come in and just, you know, talk about random things throughout the day. So the key is, everything is fun for a type one. It has to be fun. That’s what they’re motivated by, so they’re not going to be inspired by, “hey, it’s time to get this done,” or, “it’s bath time,” and, “come on, we got to get through this bath so we can get you to bed.” That’s not enough for them. They’re going to want to have a good time in the bath and play with toys, play games, and you read them a book while they have a bath, that kind of thing. The same thing applies to their music practice, or even listening to music or just enjoying music around the house. It’s got to be fun.

I love Perry Grip because he’s got these great songs for kids and they’re well produced. So you know, put on a pair of Grip songs, listen to that, and have fun with music. That’s what a type one wants to do so. ‘Hey, let’s practice the piano for a minute. Let’s see what’s happening here. Hey, I haven’t heard you play your guitar in a while, go ahead and show me something cool. What have you got?’ You know, that kind of thing. If I keep my tone up and make it fun and exciting, it is fun and exciting for my son, and he’ll engage in the music.

Type ones’ color scheme tends to be bright. So neons, bright colors and that kind of thing. They gravitate towards bright ideas and things long as it’s fun and exciting.

If you are a type one energy type, now you know a little bit more about yourself. If your child is a type one energy type, hopefully, you understand a little bit more about how to engage with them and make it fun for them. Just get creative and make things fun for a type one.