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PROOF – We are the only Music School, in the South West US, who hold the National Champion title for Teen Rock Bands.  We teach Song Writing, Arranging, Rehearsing, Performance, Recording, Image, Booking, Marketing, Promotion and more. Bands that have benefited from our BAND PROGRAM include:


AfterMath (Best Teen Band in the USA 2010 @SJUSA/Disney), Angel Food Fight (Jam Fest Winner 2017), Tech 12 (TKAA Winner 2013), Tuesday Night (Jam Fest 2nd prize 2016, 2017, Wildflower Festival 2017), Doomsday December (TKAA 2013 2nd prize, Jam Fest 2013 2nd prize), Saving Daylight (TKAA, Jam Fest), In The Open (Austin Music Hall), Medusa Cascade (TKAA, Jam Fest), Age of Rock, Keep it Save it (TKAA), The Vinyl (The Backyard), Super Pal Universe (ACL Fest), Anarchy on Mars (SXSW Underage), Yawn Yawn, Comintern (TKAA), Goodnight Australia (Next Up),The Austeens (Jam Fest, TKAA), Electric Silk (Jam Fest, TKAA), The Others (Jam Fest, TKAA), Playing with Fire (Jam Fest, TKAA), Shooting Star Wars (Jam Fest), Electrolytes, Drunk Uncle, Bow and Arrow, Boss Rockas, Media Fix, Stealth Chopper (Jam Fest), Black Apples (Jam Fest), The New Black Apples (Jam Fest), Professor Rafe and the Fables, Throwback Heart Attack, Loading Soul, The Casey Karhan Band, The Nouns, Goonies Never Say Die, Solstice, Bluster, Chair, The Cops, Forgotten Survivors and more…

Bands meet once per week for 1.5 hours and work on everything there is to know about having their own band.  Audition Required.  Please call for an audition or click here.

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