• I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me and taught me over the years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I also wanted to thank you for all you have done for my family, it’s meant the world to us. Thank you again and I hope all is well!

    Rachel Thompson - Voted Best Teen Vocalist in the USA 2010

  • You taught Rachel how to sing and what an incredibly wonderful gift it has been! We will always be grateful to you!

    Mindy Thompson - Rachel's Mom

  • James Mays is a special sort of person. He has a unique teaching style, keen observational skills, and a way of adapting his teaching style to an individual’s skill-set. In my case, James taught me how to sing, and I am very thankful for that. It’s in the way he lets you grow with time that really helps, and he reassures you of your progress. A very encouraging and positive person… it was a pleasure to work with him.

    A.J. Vincent - The Bright Light Social Hour + Playing Austin City Limits Festival

  • Rachel is the greatest teacher ever!

    Caroline - Voice Student 2013-present

  • I think Alex and I are a good fit – i didn’t get that in my last teacher which is why I waited so long to have lessons again – it’s the BEST part of my week!

    Kate - Guitar Student 2013-present

  • Alex is the BEST teacher ever!!!

    Jacinda - Parent 2012-present

  • You have made a huge impact on my son, James.  Whatever he goes on to do, you have helped frame his love and experience of writing and performing music.

    Doug - Parent 2009-2013


  • Thank you for working with Brenham. As we drove away last night, he said, ‘I feel like a musician now.’ I cannot express to you how grateful I feel to know you and your approach to unleash talent. I’ve not seen Brenham this excited about music in a long time. Thank you!!

    Lisa - Band Parent 2012-2013

  • I just wanted to write to thank you and Alex for your encouragement and expertise shared with our boys. They have become like brothers, and you gave them the foundation for that. Seeing the band perform today was pure fun. The healing my son has experienced in just four months is nothing short of miraculous, and you and Alex have had a huge hand in that. You are a gift in this world, to kids and even the parents. You have done a good thing here, and you are appreciated.

    Jeanice - Band Parent 2012-2013

  • Thank you James for always being so supportive of me and all the kids you work with, you and Margaret (Moser of the Austin Chronicle) have been guardian angels to all young musicians and I hope you know how much we appreciate you.

    Band Student - 2003-2011

  • Thanks James for an amazing experience for Jacob.  I can’t believe how much he grew in two weeks.  It was so exciting seeing Him and his whole band perform at that level.  Eric & I are so excited for Jacob.  We are really looking forward to the fall!

    Lisa - Rock Star Camp Parent - 2012-2013

  • Yay we found our music home!  Amanda was beyond thrilled with Rachel today.  She said “I LOVE her!  She is fun and really helped me.  I am going to be so happy to go to lessons with her!”

    Jana - Private Lesson Parent - 2014

  • I’m so happy to have my drum kit, and am really enjoying the lessons. Alex is a wonderful teacher, and I can’t believe the progress I’m making!

    Private Lesson Adult Student - 2012-2013

  • I am truly enjoying my piano lessons with Claire. Very clear, positive instructor. Making my learning a lot of fun.

    Kelli Ballenger - Private Lesson Adult Student 2013

  • You really do such a bang-up job! im so tickled my daughter was able to join your program. You have a heart unlike most!

    Private Lesson Parent - 2012-2013

  • My son’s ‘rudder’ during the past year has been the band and the Band Aid experience. It’s helped reinforce his sense of identity, encouraged both a work ethic and playfulness and provided a brotherhood that has been very meaningful to him and to me, as well. So, thank you, James.

    Band Parent - 2012-2013

  • Dalton has flourished since starting with you. He has confidence and feels good about himself and no longer feels inferior to the “athletes.” You and the band has given him that. I am more than grateful. You are a wonderful, passionate, incredible teacher. Thank you James you have made all the difference in moving to Austin, a new school, being a non-athlete, work for my son. That is HUGE to me and David.

    Sherry Dollihite - Band Parent 2012

Dear All,

For the last few years, Eanes Education Foundation has been proud to be associated with JamFest. JamFest is a public student band showcase and benefits EEF. JamFest was originally conceived by Westlake area Orthodontist, Dr. Randy Kunik and student musician mentor James Mays. I think James is doing great things for Eanes middle and high school musicians and I would love for you to meet him and learn a bit more about his work and his plans. I hope that you might be able to find a few moments to visit with him.

Wally Moore
Executive Director
Eanes Education Foundation

  • You have been a huge part of my life and have shaped a huge part of the musician that I am today. I can’t tell you enough how much you have also benefited my band in all those years together. Thanks a lot and I thank god for meeting you all those years ago.

    Band Student - 2004-2009

  • There are gifted technicians, and then there are gifted teachers who are technically skilled. Fortunately for your students, you are the latter. You have a passion for music, but also for fostering the aspirations of young artists. Thank you for the way that you have broadened not just our son’s range of skills, but also his exposure to and understanding of the music business. You are so much more than a voice coach to him — you are also a fan, a mentor, and a valuable contact. With gratitude,

    Doug Burns - Parent 2010-2012

  • James has been giving my son voice lessons for just over a year now. He has a unique way of relating to people that creates a comfortable teaching atmosphere while he conveys his incredible vocal knowledge. Josh has learned to push his limits and has expanded his range tremendously. James has been a great role model and inspiration to him. I’m so grateful to have found such an incredibly talented vocal instructor.

    Nina Mosier - Parent 2010-2012

  • Madeline absolutely loved rehearsal on Monday. She was so excited and so into it.

    Band Parent - 2011

  • I don’t know if I say this enough, but thank you. You are a remarkable and amazing person and you are the first person on my gratitude list every day. Thank you so much.

    Guitar Student - 2011

  • Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed our lessons with Glynn. …we are having fun and improving our guitar.

    Guitar Student - 2011

  • I’ve been taking voice lessons with James for a few months now, and have seen a huge improvement in all aspects of my vocal performance. And just in the past few weeks, I feel like I’ve really broken through and gotten to the point where I have actual control of my voice. Beyond the personal improvement I’ve seen, it’s also been a boost to my bands’ creativity in general. Now when we’re working on new tunes, I’m able to bring a better understanding of pitch and harmonies to the songwriting process. I’m completely stoked about the progress I’ve made, and James’ expertise, individually tailored methods and personality has made it an easier (and more fun) process than I’d expected.

    Adam Salazar - Rally Rally

  • On behalf of Residual Kid…The Kids Are Alright Fest was a well-oiled machine of rock, skateboarding and gaming, with all of the moving parts flowing seamlessly throughout the day. Residual Kid is thrilled to have been a part of this incredible showcase, and we hope to be invited back again for the next great event, to see what James Mays and his team have in store for the world! Thanks for the opportunity! Residual Kid – photo courtesy of Eric Graham

    Residual Kid - The Kids Are Alright Fest 2011

  • I just wanted to again extend a huge thank you to the both of you for all of your work in putting on SchoolJam USA, it was a massive endeavor and you both handled it beautifully! It was an amazing experience for me and for my band, we learned so much, and are honored to have placed third. Thanks! Chase Kroesche from the band VIA // Salt Lake City, Utah

    Chase Kroesche / VIA - School Jam USA 2011

  • The boys from Dangerous Daze (Matt, Nick, Conner, and Will), and all the parents thereof, would like to thank you for a wonderful experience and commend you on a JOB WELL DONE! The boys had the thrill of a lifetime. Thank you for your hospitality, patience, and professionalism. It was a fantastic event all around. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation. Please pass our thanks on to your wonderful staff as well.

    Michael Gruver / parent of Dangerous Daze - School Jam USA

  • James’ professionalism is incomparable. His knack for honing in on my specific needs proved refreshing and invaluable. I had no idea how much there was for me to learn and looking back I can see that I have grown musically, from my breath and pitch control to my presence playing live. As a performer, I know I’ll continue to take the things James has taught me into the studio and on stage.

    Cat Green - Blue Kabuki

  • Participating in SchoolJam USA was such a memorable experience. The whole process was a real adrenaline rush. It was awesome getting to compete with all the other incredibly talented bands. Everyone we met was so supportive of each other no matter which band won. It was worth every bit of effort put into the different stages of SchoolJam to get to experience the feelings that I felt, including the outrageous trip to Germany. What a BLAST that was! Being a part of this was something that I will never forget. I will be proud to tell friends and family about it for the rest of my life.

    Dustin Belanger - Lead Guitarist / Aftermath / The Delegation

  • As always, thanks for being the “magician” that put the band together and taught them HOW to be a band!

    Kay Belanger - Parent

  • James Mays really helped me branch out musically. Before I started learning from James, I could barely play a few chords and now I know that this is what I want to do with my life. James talks to kids as equals unlike all the other teachers I’ve gone to.

    Livvy - Voted best teen bassist in America by School Jam USA Judges

  • I always wanted to sing and play guitar, but I was worried I’d be awful. I’ve felt really comfortable with James – he is a great teacher. It’s been 3 months and I can play and sing full songs – Priceless. I’ve had tough days going into voice/guitar lesson, but I always leave with a sense of victory. Very meditative and freeing. – Austin, TX.

    Lauren - Voice / Guitar Student

  • James Mays makes lessons both enjoyable and educational. he gives examples that make your voice go to the next level, at whatever skill level you are at. – Austin, TX.

    Daniel - Isle of White

  • James Mays is a great teacher, friend and all around hardcore dude. A great vibe. – Austin, TX.

    Hilary - Student

  • In your lessons, you’ve given Hilary a safe place to be honest and to be herself and I know that means a lot to her. Hilary LOVES taking lessons from you and it has meant SO much to her.

    Susan Feldencamp - Parent

  • When you are having trouble he knows what to say and how to say it. He knows exactly what’s up with your voice. It’s almost scary. Ha Ha. – Austin, TX

    Maura - Master Class

  • James has been the mentor, producer, teacher and best friend to my son’s band, AfterMath for the past six years. The kids have developed musically in directions we couldn’t have possibly dreamed of and it wouldn’t have been possible without the patience and wisdom of James. Kids and parents have no idea what it takes to not only come together musically, but to grow the relationships in a band to keep them together. James covers the full spectrum. – Austin, TX

    Yvonne Beamon - Band Parent

  • James, Once again, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking Charlie with you to LA. He had the most wonderful time and without a doubt the most fabulous experience. Many thanks, Best wishes. – Austin, TX

    Julie Baker - Parent of a Music Production Student and Intern

  • I wanted to extend our sincere thanks on behalf of all the Dance Over Anaheim family, for the awesome experience you provided for our kids. Thanks for helping to make all the kids sound so great. The band could use your talents on an ongoing basis as I don’t think they have ever sounded better. Superb! – Arthur W. Porter, Esq. – Parent – Colorado Springs, CO.

    Dance Over Anaheim - School Jam USA Finalist

  • James really encouraged Ian as a guitarist and a good band member. He has a great rapport with young players and encourages them in all aspects of their performing experience. He gives the kids space to create and helps them achieve their vision. – Austin, TX.

    Tanya - Musician & Mom

  • I wanted to take just a moment to appreciate my thanks to your for including No Parachute Music in the MMF! Although there was plenty of hard work and trying times, everything seemed to work itself out as well as could be expected. It was a growing trip for many of us in No Parachute; our players & FRONTMEN had to step out of their normal roles and adapt, Sean gained an immeasurable amount of needed self-confidence after his experience at The Stage (and having to endure four take-off’s and four landings!). For myself, I was glad to take on the additional work and enjoyed the job very much. I learned more about how I operate in given conditions and I too gained confidence from the scale of the event and the overall MMF experience, not to mention the satisfaction and pride to be an integral part of such a large and encompassing endeavor. It was a very productive trip for everyone involved and in addition to the industry experience, the wonderful people we met (MMF & other) made the week more fulfilling.

    Andy Ellis - MMF Zone Manager

  • And our thanks to you James, and Randy and all the rest. Eanes Education Foundation is so pleased to be a part of Jam Fest and all that it does for student musicians and bands.

    Wally Moore - Eanes Education Foundation

  • Hey Mr. Mays, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this year’s SXSW. I had a great time working at Stubbs and helping deal with all of the craziness. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Next time you find yourself in Miami, please feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll buy you dinner.

    Michael Pelleg - University of Miami, Frost School of Music // Music Business and Entertainment Industries

  • I want you to know how thankful I am for such a great opportunity and experience it has been working for you. I have learned so much and really appreciated how much you have valued my input over this past year. The experience has been invaluable to me – I feel that I have learned years worth of knowledge about the music industry just from working for you for 9 months, and I hope that my contributions have been beneficial to you as well. Thanks again for everything. Based on how MMF, SchoolJam USA, and TKAA went, I know your festival in April will be awesome, and I hope the same for all of your future events!

    Monica Lowe - The University of Texas, Austin, B.A. Music Business | B.A. American Studies

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