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Chris Cline has seen well over a decade of action as a recording engineer and producer. A musician for most of his life, he decided to take the recording engineer/sound arts route as his area of study instead of that as a classically trained musician. Since entering the professional world of audio, he has worked on numerous projects in the independent music scene. Bands and artists that he has worked with include but are not limited to: And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Scrabbel, Seventeen Evergreen, Deerhoof, the Society of Rockets, STEREO IS A LIE, Explosions in the Sky, elephone, The Ebb and Flow and many others…

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To give the students a solid foundation in the fundamentals of digital audio using bundled and free software on the Macintosh platform. The course will use real world scenarios in the creation of content and projects and will push the student to use consumer and pro-sumer software and equipment to its fullest potential.


Desktop Music Composition and Production

1) Primary focus is GarageBand and pushing the software to its limits. As this comes bundled with every Macintosh, this is the fastest way to explore the foundations of music technology and to begin the creation of content in the digital domain.

  • a. Explore the interface and digital audio concepts
  • b. Explore audio and midi loops
  • c. Explore the recording of audio
  • d. Explore time-based and dynamic-based processing concepts within GarageBand
  • e. Create original content using MIDI and audio loops, and original MIDI and audio recordings
  • f. Possibility of posting audio to a short video
  • Element Content

2) Explore the possibilities with Audactiy. Audactiy is a powerful, free digital audio workstation.

  • a. Explore synthesis in Audacity
  • b. Explore white and pink noise in Audacity and their uses
  • c. Explore multitrack recording in Audacity
  • d. Explore time-based and dynamic-based processing in Audacity
  • e. Great preface for Pro Tools. Makes the user work a bit harder to achieve similar results.

3) Explore the fundamentals of microphones; construction, patterns, etc.

  • a. Differences between condenser and dynamic microphones
  • b. Microphone techniques for voice and instruments
  • c. Phase and it’s affects/effects
  • d. Direct input boxes and why they are used

4) Explore mixing techniques in GarageBand.

Software/Hardware for curriculum

1) Desktop Music Comp (This of course is optional. It doesn’t make much sense to take the course if the student doesn’t have the equipment to complete the projects. A good, discounted package could make all the difference in the prospective student’s enrollment). Here is what I propose:

  • a. Macbook Pro 13″ or iMac 21.5 inch
  • b. Mbox Mini 3 with Pro Tools Express
  • c. KRK Rokit Powered Monitors
  • d. Blue Spark Condensor Microphone
  • e. M Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI/Keyboard Controller
  • f. Various cables and connections for the system

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