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“This place is a gem! We first discovered it through a summer camp which was a huge success. We then signed up for weekly lessons and we really couldn’t be happier. My daughter takes piano lessons with Claire and my son takes drums with Wes. Both of them are amazing! All of the teachers seem to have a real passion for music and work beautifully with the kids.
All of the kids attending Band Aid just had a showcase before Thanksgiving (it was our first one). It was amazing! We all enjoyed it so much and you can see the sense of pride and accomplishment the kids are getting from it. Plus, it was very clear that all of the kids seem to have a real connection with their teachers.
Again, this is a special place!” – Ashley D.

“We couldn’t be happier with our son’s experience at Band Aid School of Music.  Since starting with a summer camp, he went on to join a band that meets weekly, and he has really grown as a musician being with this group.  They have gotten to play live shows in a lot of different venues, giving him real world experience at being on a stage.  The school fosters a positive and welcoming environment, with semester student-only performance showcases that give kids a chance to receive positive encouragement and constructive feedback from the other student musicians and teachers. James Mays is a great source of support for all the teachers and kids, and runs a really great program, even offering training for older students on how to manage a music career.  At the beginning we were choosing between this and another school, and are so pleased we made the choice for Band Aid.  Highly recommend!!!” – Lisa O

“My son’s guitar teacher is pretty great. Plays a lot of styles, and can teach a blues tune in a minor chord next if that’s what my kid decides he wants. (Which it was.) They are very organized as a school, which came up when there were scheduling issues with a prior teacher. They do a dress rehearsal performance class and a showcase at local venues each season/semester. Those are fun, get to watch a bunch of other kids performing. It’s been a great experience as a parent, and for my kid.” – Christine H.

“The people at Band Aid, at least the ones I interacted with, are some of the nicest, most accommodating people I have ever had the pleasure of being in communication with. You should do yourself a favor and sign up for lessons here! Claire, the mandolin teacher, and James, the owner, are both totally awesome, and if my experience is any indication, I bet the other teachers are too!” – Carrie D.

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