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We offer  60 minute weekly classes for all rock instruments designed for those developing the skills to join our rock band program and for those who just learn better in a group environment. Classes are held on Saturdays at our Riverbend location. (view on map)

Although our teachers include each person at their individual level of play, classes build on skills from the previous week, which makes attendance important to each students progress. Like any education, semester commitment is vital to preventing feeling lost or getting behind the group.

Our philosophy is to follow the creativity of each student, so classes are often modified to support each person’s needs. This allows us to teach technique and theory that is relevant to each student. It also creates an environment where students are more empowered to direct their own creative destiny and are more excited to practice and learn.

Regardless of your level of play we have the qualified staff to take you to the next level. Our teachers are world class musicians who have helped make Austin the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

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