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We’re excited that you have shown interest in bass guitar lessons with Band Aid School of Music. Whether you are a pro coming in for a tune up or a beginner just wanting to have fun, we have what you need.

Beginners are always welcome and our bass instructors are well trained to work with students of all skill levels. Our staff will work with you to find the right lesson program to fit your needs. Our program is performance based, meaning one learns to play songs right off the bat. Students will learn the theory they need to play what they want. Because of this, there is better motivation to practice and a reason to understand music theory. Our philosophy is to follow the creativity of each student and build individual curriculums around each person’s needs.  In addition, it creates an environment where students are more empowered to direct their own creative destiny.

When you join the Band Aid School of Music bass guitar lessons program, you get a full-service music learning experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the lone star state. This includes safe and vetted professional teachers, customized lesson plans, performance classes, master classes, showcases and of course our nationally acclaimed Rock Band Program.

Bass guitar students who are interested in playing in a band have a great opportunity to move into one of our many rock bands.  If you are interested in playing on your own that’s fine too!  Our students learn the benefits of playing with other musicians, as well as writing and performing original songs. Bass lessons are a great way to get yourself ready for these challenges!   Sign up here for bass lessons!

Regardless of your level of play we have the qualified staff to take you to the next level. Read about our world class musicians who have helped make Austin the Live Music Capital of the World on our staff page!

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