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9 Facts about Band Aid School of Music Austin

1We are the BEST IN THE USA at building great young bands.


AftermathUSA123PROOF – AfterMath, a band that our Band Aid School of Music Austin  founder, James Mays, formed and developed since the founding members were 9 years old, won best teen band in the USA @ School Jam USA, hosted by Disney.

2Band Aid School of Music Austin has the STRONGEST ROCK BAND PROGRAM IN TEXAS.

PROOF – We teach Songwriting, arranging, rehearsing, performance, recording, image, booking, marketing, promotion and more. Bands that have benefited from our BAND PROGRAM include:

AfterMath (Best Teen Band in the USA 2010 @SJUSA/Disney), A Gentleman’s Cup of Tea (Jam Fest 2015 2nd prize), The Black Apples (Jam Fest 2015 3rd prize), Tech 12 (TKAA Winner 2013), Super Pal Universe (ACL Fest), Doomsday December (TKAA 2013 2nd prize, Jam Fest 2013 2nd prize), Stealth Chopper (Jam Fest, Pecan Street Fest), Mango Rehab (Jam Fest, Pecan Street Fest), Every Other Weekend (Jam Fest, Pecan Street Fest), Bluster (Jam Fest, Pecan Street Fest), Saving Daylight (TKAA, Jam Fest), In The Open (Trail of Lights), Medusa Cascade (TKAA, Jam Fest), Age of Rock, Keep it Save it (TKAA), The Vinyl (The Backyard), Anarchy on Mars (SXSW Underage), Yawn Yawn, Comintern (TKAA), Goodnight Australia (Next Up),The Austeens (Jam Fest, TKAA), Electric Silk (Jam Fest, TKAA), The Others (Jam Fest, TKAA), Playing with Fire (Jam Fest, TKAA), Off the Wall, Shooting Star Wars, Throwback Heart Attack, Loading Soul, The Casey Karhan Band, The Nouns, Goonies Never Say Die, Solstice and more…



PROOF – We give back to your community. $161,660 as of Jan 2016.  We’ve given over $20,000 to organizations that support underprivileged families and families living with Autism. We’ve helped raise over $21,000 for teachers in your school districts. AND… We’ve provided $120,000 in scholarships in the past 2 years. ($2500 in scholarships every month) That’s 10 people who will gain training for their art and their lives! THANKS TO YOU and People like YOU with generous hearts!!

To contribute, Call 512-730-0592 and we can take your payment over the phone.  Or when you sign up for lessons, choose to make a donation to our scholarship fund.



PROOF – Rachel Thompson + Voted Best Teen Vocalist in the USA 2010

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me and taught me over the years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I also wanted to thank you for all you have done for my family, it’s meant the world to us. Thank you again!!

    Rachel T. -

  • You taught Rachel how to sing and what an incredibly wonderful gift it has been! We will always be grateful to you!

    Mindy Thompson - Rachel's Mom

PROOF – Before founding Band Aid, our Band Aid Founder, James Mays, taught at another music school in Austin that was voted BEST PLACE TO GET VOICE LESSONS. At the time there were two voice coaches at that school; he and a female instructor.



PROOF – AJ Vincent, voted Austin Music Awards “Best Keyboardist 2011 and 2012 of Black Taxi and formerly of The Bright Light Social Hour, studied with our Band Aid Founder, James Mays, during the genesis of the Band Aid Music Business Program. He and his father approached Mays asking for the music education that he could not get in a traditional music school. AJ assisted Mays who was Assistant Production Manager at SXSW and helped behind the scenes during a number of festivals, including helping him found The Kids Are Alright Fest. Now AJ’s career is getting bigger all the time, with tours around the US. This is in part due the knowledge and music business savvy that AJ learned from us at Band Aid.



PROOF – Teach an artist to write a song and you have fed their soul for a lifetime. Band leaders who have studied with us to improve their songs and performances include:
Tarah Van De Zande (#9 on iTunes), Taylor Muse and Quiet Company (10 Austin Music Awards 2012), Billy Canino of Thieves, Zac Kellogg of White Leaf, Cat Green of Blue Kabuki, AJ Vincent of Black Taxi and formerly of The Bright Light Social Hour, Travis Beall of The Nouns, Amanda Zoch (South Plains), Josh Googins of The Stumblers and Cause In Effect (Paul McCartney School of Music), Kelsey Farrell, Colt Rodgers (Belmont), Theo Halls (Belmont), Carlotta Garza (Vanderbilt), John Cloherty (Belmont), Frank Cortez, Lauren Davis, Daniel Stone of Isle of White, Josh Mosier of South of Center, Evan Butts of The Daze and Sweet Nuthin, Max Tollison of Max and Henry, You and Me and Sea Fields of Elephants, Nathan Thrash of Edison Chair, Chris Knight and Shane Miller of Mauve Avenger, Liz Montgomery, Brian Bone, Mitchell Stevens, Travis Pearlman of Stiff as Snakes, Evan Slack, Aubrey Elenz, Rush Evans and Livvy Bennett of SuperPal Universe, Rachel Thompson and Dustin Belanger of AfterMath, Hunter Sharpe, Austin Burns, Melissa Engleman, Brenda Hood of Hoodie Good, JT Wright of Solstice, Ava Baird, Charlie Baker, Teddy Chafizadeh of Electric Society, Casey Karhan and more…

7Our Teachers are World Class Musicians


PROOF – We have played from our living rooms to Carnegie Hall to World Tours with Oasis.

8Our Curriculum offers MORE VALUE than any other program in Austin


PROOF – A semester of lessons at Band Aid, includes:

Weekly lessons, Performance Classes, Recording, a Public Stage Performance at the Band Aid Showcase, educational opportunities in Festival Production and raising money for charity.

These classes and events bring students together with peers and create a lasting bond and support for students that is found nowhere else. We know! I’ve pioneered programs at the other music schools in Austin and it’s tough to match the value of Band Aid’s program.

9Our Performance Training is unparalleled


PROOF – Our Founder, James Mays, taught at different music school’s in Austin for 10 years, before founding Band Aid and was baffled how many teachers wouldn’t go the extra mile to teach performance. The only way you can teach it is to create performance opportunities for each student. There are so many great learning opportunities for the pro, wanna-be pro or causal learner by putting you in a performance situation. That’s why we do it and we do it a lot! Our students get all the benefits of private lessons and learn how to put that knowledge into action.

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